Aerodynamic Improvement Considerations With View-Speed Skewers


It is easy to view the aero differences between a typical quick release skewer and the View-Speed series 3 and series 4 skewers.

The S3F and S4F/R have patents pending.

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As you can see the quick release adds drag to the bicycle front and rear.

With the front end of the new bicycles getting the cables internally routed and cleaned up aerodynamically it seems a shame to have the skewer sticking out into the wind.

With the skewer almost flush with the fork their is less chance of hooking another wheel. 

And the View-Speed skewers are lighter than the quick release skewers.


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Quick Release on Left    -    S3F on Right

Please note that the View-Speed skewer almost eliminates the quick release drag.

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S3F skewer on left   -  S4F skewer on right

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            S4F on left    -    S4R on right




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S3F on left     -      S4R on right